"Fortunately, some bright acting contributes the color.  Sabrina Profitt assuredly depicts her character’s impulsive behavior, whether mistakenly swigging from a designer bottle of soap or running her somewhat foul mouth in overdrive."

– The New York Times

"Profitt is a joy to watch as she manipulates much of the confusion, while often tipping off the audience with subtle facial expression and staccato physicality." – The Post Standard

"An Agnes Moorehead-like soubrette" –  Syracuse New Times

"Profitt is wry, sincere and just a bit bawdy, all at the same time.  She is a predecessor to the great female neighbors in sitcoms, like Rhoda Morgenstern or Ethel Mertz, sassy, but loyal to a fault to her best friend."  - WWNY

"A fabulous star-turn performance."  – The Examiner

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What Matters

Art without emotional content should be taken out to the backyard and shot.” ~Carlyle Brown

I dwell in possibility. ~Emily Dickinson

I'm for art that forces us to pause.

I'm for writers and sighs too deep for words.

I'm for second chances and daring greatly.

I'm for women who move mountains.

I'm for men who are unafraid.

I'm for children who dream big.

I'm for friends that challenge me.

I'm for generosity of spirit.

​I'm for laughter and surprise.

I'm for curiosity and abundance.

I'm for the vulnerable and the tender.  

I'm for the loud "I am" in all of us.